Telstra Connection Manager - Overview

Connection Manager is software which provides access to the Internet, or your organisation's applications, email etc. through Telstra's IP Remote service. IP Remote provides access almost anywhere within Australia using a combination of ADSL, dial-up, wireless and mobile access technology. With the inclusion of Telstra Global Roaming, access is available from over 50 countries globally.

The Connection Manager Installer provided here is preconfigured with two Mobile Office connection profiles, suitable for NextG datacards and BlackBerry and other mobile handsets. Connection Manager works with a number of popular VPN clients, and can be configured to launch the VPN client during connection establishment.

  • The Home Office module provides ADSL access to your organisation's network, as well as ADSL access to the public Internet.
  • The Mobile Office module provides access to your organisation's network via Telstra's GPRS and NextG mobile data networks.
  • The Office Hotspot modules provides WiFi hotspot access using Telstra's network of wireless hotspots.
  • The Remote Office module provides dial up access to your organisation's network and includes a personal phonebook allowing you to store your own personal dial-up access numbers.
  • For Global Roaming users, Connection Manager maintains a list of all the global access numbers and also stores your organisation's unique Australian 019830xxxx access number. All you need to do to connect to your organisation?s network is choose the nearest access number (also called a PoP number) based on the Service you are dialling from. For example if you are travelling overseas to London and wish to access your corporate network whilst you are in London, you have a choice of the London TollFree Access Number or Non TollFree Global Roaming access numbers.

Download Telstra Connection Manager (21.4MB)